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Lilli, the German girl who became Barbie

Lilli was a German cartoon character created by the artist Reinhard Beuthien in the late 1940s for the Bild Zeitung, an Hamburg-based tabloid.
Known as Bild Lilli, she was a comic character who got by in life seducing wealthy male suitors. She became so popular that in 1953, she became a little doll, sold as an adult toy, available to buy from bars, tobacco kioskos and adult toy stores.
Therefore, parents considered this doll inappropriate for children. Sha had indeed an impressive wardrobe, a wide range of outfits and accessories you could buy for her… And little girls began wanting her as a play doll, too. But Lilli still remained a successful adult novelty toy, especially outside Germany, where she was considered a “sex doll”.
During that period, Ruth Handler, the wife of one of the founder of the Mattel, was travelling to Europe and while spending some time in Locarno, Switzerland, she discovered and bought a few Lilli dolls.
Thanks to this doll, she began shaping her vision of Barbie, she re-worked the design and on March 9, 1959 Barbie debuted at the New York toy fair.
Barbie, like Barbara, the Handler’s daughter.
Mattel acquired the right to Bild Lilli in 1964 and the production of German doll ceased.

Then you know the rest of the story, don’t you? Who among us does not know it? And how many of us have their own history with Barbie!

If you don’t, go in our catalogue and discover the Barbie world in Polimoda Library
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