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Lilli, the German girl who became Barbie

Lilli was a German cartoon character created by the artist Reinhard Beuthien in the late 1940s for the Bild Zeitung, an Hamburg-based tabloid.

Known as Bild Lilli, she was a comic character who...


In the post-pandemic fashion universe, a term is more current than ever “upcycling”. It is not synonymous with recycling, but it indicates the creative reuse of objects to create a higher quality product.
There are two types of upcycling...

AIKO, Giving up is not an option

It is surprising to come across a book in which every page, every image gently arouses strong emotions in you. The desire to turn the page to see and feel again fights against the regret of letting go what you just saw and felt.

Happy Birthday, Purple!

In the 30yrs issue Ovivier Zahm writes:

We wanted to create a magazine that was radically different, that would reflect who we were and the way we wanted to live. The idea was to conceive a magazine like a film, an exhibition, and an art project.

Merry Christmas from the Library

Now it is the time of year for all sorts of celebrations.
During the Christmas period, Polimoda Library will be closed from Monday 26 December 2022 until Friday 6 January 2023 (dates inclusive).

Ossie Clark, from the Polimoda Library to the Museo del Tessuto in Prato

The Polimoda magazines’ archive as an essential tool for the exhibition Mr & Mrs Clark: Ossie Clark and Celia Birtwell Fashion & Prints 1965-1974 hosted by the Museo del Tessuto in Prato from September 16, 2022 until January, 2023.

In the beginning… Vogue

On December 17th, 1892 the first issue of a little gazette entitled Vogue was launched.
It was a weekly with Arthur B. Turnure named as publisher, Harry McVickar as art director, and Mrs Josephine Redding as editor. The publisher declared that...

DONNA: la donna cambia immagine

“Fashion, culture, aesthetics are evolving". With these words, Flavio Lucchini executive editor and Gisella Borioli chief editor gave birth to this magazine.
The title of the magazine Donna, the woman changes the image, refers to a magazine that wants to revolutionize the image and the communication of fashion itself. Gisella Borioli in her editorial explains why Donna was born and she speaks about the meaning and sense of fashion like a sociological and psychological phenomenon, citing two of the most important scholars in sociology and psychology: Gillo Dorfles and Marc Alain Descamps.

‘90s Forever

Why are the ‘90s still so relevant? What do they have in common with the years we are living through?

Did they really revolutionise the concept of fashion and were they fundamental for the birth of the modern industry?

‘90s fashion was described as dark and conceptual. Minimalism, deconstructivism, casual and grunge coexisted. Contrasting phenomena emerged: designers took on the role of celebrities, models became supermodels, but the concept of antifashion was developed too.